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On a mission
to make you
less tired.



Vanessa Hill is an award-winning science communicator and sleep scientist on a mission to make people less tired. As the creator of the hit YouTube and PBS series, BrainCraft, and the YouTube Originals special Sleeping with Friends, she is a leading voice in science media, helping millions of people better understand their brains and behaviour.

Vanessa's research focuses on the psychology of sleep and technology, with a particular interest in bedtime procrastination, a topic she has published about extensively in both scientific journals and popular media. With research interests at the intersection of sleep science and behaviour change, she also consults and advises clients on sleep-related product development and go-to-market strategy. Vanessa has been quoted as a sleep expert in numerous print, online broadcast outlets. 

A seasoned science communicator, Vanessa has hosted and produced five seasons of BrainCraft for PBS and created short- and long-form content for other major platforms, including ABC Australia, Screen Australia, Nebula Originals, and YouTube Originals. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales, a Master of Science from Australian National University, and is currently a PhD researcher at the Appleton Institute, CQUniversity.





Vanessa was inspired to study the relationship between health & tech after receiving thousands of comments from people using YouTube as a sleep aid. Her current research is focused on developing a habits-based behaviour change program for problematic screen use & bedtime procrastination.

Select Journal Articles

Hill, V. M., Rebar, A. L., Ferguson, S. A., Shriane, A. E., & Vincent, G. E. (2022). Go to bed! A systematic review and meta-analysis of bedtime procrastination correlates and sleep outcomes. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 101697. Link [$]


Hill, V. M., Ferguson, S. A., Vincent, G. E., & Rebar, A. L. (2024). Beyond circadian timing: A new model of bedtime procrastination. Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, 10(1), 5-6. Link [$]

Hill, V.M., Ferguson, S.A., Vincent, G.E., & Rebar, A. L. (2023). “It's satisfying but destructive”: A qualitative study on the experience of bedtime procrastination in new career starters. British Journal of Health Psychology. Link [$]

Hill, V. M., Grant, W., McMahon, M. L., & Singhal, I. (2022). How Prominent Science Communicators on YouTube Understand the Impact of Their Work. Frontiers in Communication, 255. Link [open access]


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Vanessa lives between California and Sydney and is available to travel for speaking engagements, consulting, and hosting/presenting work.

Please reach out: hello (at) braincraft (dot) tv

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