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Vanessa Hill is an award-winning science educator, host and STEM advocate. She began her career in the classroom, working for Australia’s national science agency to teach underserved communities in remote parts of Australia. After spending six years with the federal government, Vanessa turned to YouTube to fill a gap in the science curriculum: communicating the incredible world of brain science. 


After early success on YouTube, PBS commissioned ongoing seasons of BrainCraft which saw Vanessa relocate to New York City. Vanessa has also hosted and produced additional series for PBS, ABC, AAAS and CSIRO, some of the most trusted brands in science and education. 


Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of New South Wales and a Masters of Science Communication from Australian National University.


02 shows


03 speaking

Vanessa has more than 10 years of experience giving public talks and running educational workshops. 


She frequently speaks at events big and small – from a 2019 keynote at SXSW to hosting Planet Earth II trivia for BBC America.


Vanessa is available to speak on a variety of topics, including: 

  • The science of effective communication

  • Video as a new medium for education

  • The psychology of creativity


Most recently, she ran a series of workshops for PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on mastering online video. She is also available to run science communication training at schools and universities.


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hello (at) braincraft (dot) tv